The Tompkins House


Owner: Hal Tompkins

Address: 3002 South Utica

Year Built: 2005

As in the Piersey home, the courtyard is the root of the house, presenting a radicalizing element that favors a noiseless privacy from the outside world.


The minimalist interior accentuates the home’s linear beauty.  The interiors are contemporary, a study in black and white.  White walls hug a spacious interior. The occasional placement of modern art emphasizes linear space as do the fundamental furnishings.

“The absence of detail is the detail,” Fox mused.  “It is a perfect example of minimalism.”

High ceilings add to the clean feel of space as high windows yield natural light while amplifying the home’s complete privacy.


The master suite is packed with things that make you think you could live in the bedroom forever—a television, refrigerator, bar area.  The black granite bath is canyon-like, and the large office adjoining the master bedroom features a computer and immense workspace.  It is a veritable bunker from the outside world.

The long gallery hall leading away from this suite leads us to two guest bedrooms, each sequestered into more privacy.