• Home Before the plans were drawn, Neal told Fox, “You can do anything you want as long as you use vertical redwood siding.” Fox went right to work. 
  • Home In this design, Fox envisioned a particular commonality with residential areas, a commonality of gated courtyard entries that yield total privacy. 
  • Home The kitchen is masterful, the ideal of any chef, with plenty of room for guests to witness the splendor of the upcoming meal while enjoying wine and cocktails. 
  • Home From the rotunda, and from each and every room, the view is magnificent, taking in first the central courtyard, then sweeping northwards across the hills. 
  • Home Here, we find no soffiting or exterior excess, but instead, a straight-line structure clad in basic orange modular brick perfectly balanced by a series of grand windows. 
  • Home The panoramic view from each room stretches southward across valleys and lower hills, and can only be described as breathtaking. 



“Everything I see is about space.  Not just living space, but space intricately and honestly intertwined with the environment that ultimately expands interior space by the use of natural light.

I want to present dwellings that are bold and defiant.

But these bold and defiant ideas must be absorbed into natural settings of old and existing landscape that blends into the interior.  That’s why I use so much glass and window space.

But it’s all done within the most private bounds.

Private sanctuary, that’s what I think about.

For me, this is the only way to make it work.

It’s one thing, living in a beautiful and sleek home.  But living in a sleek and beautiful home from which we can see preserved dogwoods and crape myrtle—well, that has such a harmonizing effect.

Typically, my homes are very private sanctuaries, and only the natural world pervades.”

Patrick N. Fox